No Hand Outs to Arms Companies

2002 has already been a bad year for Britain and the arms trade. We've had the sale of the controversial military air traffic control system to Tanzania, British trade ministers and BAe officials trying to sell 60 Hawk jets to India, the passing of an Export Control Bill with gaping holes that allowed, for example, arms brokers to act abroad with virtual impunity, and the refusal to place an arms embargo on the export of F-16 aircraft components to Israel. All this leaves the Govern-ment's claim to exercise strict controls in tatters!

Campaign Against Arms Trade has been successfully campaigning this year to end public subsidies for arms exports (£763m per year), which has created a lot of public support. As has its "Call to Conversion" campaign encouraging UK churches to get involved in the campaign to end arms exports. Postcards and petitions have been sent to Gordon Brown calling for the end of subsidies and the Public Accounts Committee has been asked to investigate arms subsidies.

To further these campaigns CAAT wants you to lobby your MP between 1 and 7 December with 3 basic aims: for the Government to tighten up its export controls, to call for the end of government subsidies and to call for the Government to help companies to re-orientate from military to civilian production.

To take part contact Campaign Against Arms Trade by ringing 020 7281 0297, emailing or writing to Arms Trade Lobby, CAAT, 11 Goodwin Street, London N4 3HQ. Tell them your MP and constituency and you'll be sent a lobby pack and can be put in touch with others in your area who are taking part.

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Mike Kavanagh, Manchester Campaign Against Arms Trade (0161 224 6042,

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