Jury Questions Trident

Rosie & Rachel
At the recent trial of Rosie and Rachel at Manchester Crown Court the jury acquitted them on one count of criminal damage - spray painting, "Death Machine and Illegal" on the side of HMS Vengeance at Barrow - and could not reach a verdict on the other charge of causing damage to the conning tower. The defence case sought to show that the defendants' actions were reasonable and lawful in the face of the unlawful and immoral threat of nuclear genocide. The prosecution tried to get the jury to believe that Rosie's and Rachel's actions were no more than a publicity stunt.

After the trial Rachel said, "Despite the efforts of the UK government, this case shows that the moral conscience of the British people is alive and kicking! An English jury has seen the truth about Britain's nuclear weapons system and has questioned the moral and legal legitimacy of Trident."

The CPS has decided to go for a re-trial which will take place in Manchester, starting on Tuesday 3 April. Despite this being the third trial for the same offence, Rachel is "looking forward to sharing the horrendousness of the Trident missile system with another jury".

Before the retrial, River and Sylvia Boyes who also attempted to disarm Trident at Barrow have their case heard at Manchester Crown Court from Monday 8 January. They will be using the theme, "What is morally wrong cannot be politically right" in their defence.

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