One World, Many Addresses

The One World Centre, also known as the One World Resource Information Centre (OWRIC), closed up shop at 6 Mount Street at the end of December. As the photos below show, it's been the home of several active campaign groups and a vital information point to the alternative movement.

The groups currently renting office space are moving to alternative premises, several (eg Manchester Wildlife and CND) to MERCi, whereas Manchester Friends of the Earth and the Networking Newsletter are staying at the same place to share with community arts groups. Groups with pigeon holes have had to find alternatives and several will be using MERCi.

The original site of the One World Centre in Paton Street, now a bookshop

Manchester Friends of the Earth will stay in the basement of the Friends Meeting House

Unfortunately, it's the end of the One World Centre as we know it and tribute should be paid to its 10 years of successes, including a very successful shop in the previous premises at Paton Street. The move to the basement of the Quakers, although bringing better premises, meant the loss of passing trade and shop space. We now have to wait and see how MERCi (or others!) take up the gauntlet.

CND at the OWC
Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and CADU officesInformation displays
The Current One World Centre

The Networking Newsletter gives a round of applause to all those who gave so much of their time but are no longer around due to moving on or passing on.

As a final gesture, the remaining OWC money (about £1,000) will be used to create a memorial garden at MERCi to all those who've had a strong involvement in the alternative movement in Manchester but have passed on. It is to be an on-going project, so one day a tree or shrub may even be planted in your name!

Michael Bane, Networking Newsletter

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