Anti-Fur Week

Coalition Against the Fur Trade's 4th annual anti-fur week saw demos around the country at nine fur farms, as well as protests against fur shops.

In the North West, demos were organised at a fur farm near Stoke and two near Preston, all with a good turn out and favourable press coverage. Protests highlighted the gassing of 165,000 mink taking place at that time across the country.

On 22 November, Parliament finally banned fur farming. It is clear that the main reason the Bill passed the Lords is because the fur farmers had given up the fight to save their industry. And the main reason for that is the grass-roots actions taken by campaigners - protests at the farms, undercover investigations and the release of mink. Realising the grim future they had they decided to pack in for compensation.

We will monitor farms and campaign against any that try to stay open up to the phase out period of 2003, as well as continuing our other campaigns.

Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade (

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