STOP PRESS: The Cafe has now closed due to the owners gaining eviction orders. Keep your eyes peeled for a new venue. Violence flares at OK Cafe 5

Back in Black

The new OKasional cafe (number 4) got squatted at the start of March. It's at 325, Oxford Road, just opposite Manchester University Student's Union. Open 12-2 for lunch, 12-6 tea and cake, plus evening events. You might remember the building from the first OKasional cafe. OK Cafe from the front - orange and purple

The OKasional cafe is about using abandoned space in a creative way, initiated by a loose disorganisation of individuals as an informative, active action where collective spirit works.

We are using this abandoned space in a creative way, as part of an informative active action where collective spirit works. This means that as a teadrinker, washerupper or a painter you are part of this action, and needed, so come and help.

Tea to be made.                 Events to be organised. 
  Food to be prepared.                   Laughs to be had.
     Front door to be staffed.     People to meet.  

Vegan food (organic and fair trade where possible) is available on a donations basis and any profits made through this or the events will go to Earth First! or June 18th campaigns. There's displays up about squatting and anarchism.

Come along and be part of the action!

OK Cafe, 325 Oxford Road (0403-674363)

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