Yorkshire Terriers

The "Goriest 12th" August was the start of the grouse shooting season, and once again the NW Hunt Sabs were out to put themselves between the hunters and the hunted. NW groups joined sabs from all over Britain, numbering around 60 in total, and converged on the North Yorkshire moors to use nonviolen t direct action. As soon as sabs arrived, the 15 shooters, who had paid extremely high prices to be "privileged" to shoot on the first day of the seas on, many of whom had come from the US, began to pack up knowing their day's "sport" was finished.

As is the norm for hunts in N.Yorks, they had employed some private security (ie hired thugs) and plenty of cops were present. Sabs were attacked with a Manchester sab receiving a broken collar bone after being jumped on and punched by a shooter. Sabs used a mobile phone to call an ambulance which, strangely, never arrived. The police then forced the injured sab to walk the 2 miles back to the road where the other sabs drove her to hospital. Mean while cops were busy nicking sabs on ridiculous charges and those that weren't nicked were banned from entering that land again for 3 months under the Criminal Justice Act.

The NW Campaign Against Bloodsports will be stepping up pressure on local hunts this season. A new campaign has been launched against the Cheshire bea gles (hare hunt) who went into hiding after the killing of a sab 6 years ago at one of their meets. A demo will be held at their new kennels in Septem ber.

On 25 September, the Hunstman of the Holcombe Harriers is back in court charged with cruelty to a fox after sabs took a private prosecution against hi m under the new Wild Mammals Act.

November sees the opening meets for local hunts, so demos will be held as well as regular sabbing.

NW Hunt Sabs and NW Campaign Against Bloodsports: 0161 283 6104

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