Garbage Chiefs talk Dirty

The people in charge of Greater Manchester's mountains of garbage have won an award - for talking rubbish. GM Waste Disposal Authority's public consultation document is littered with so much gobbledygook that it's earned the wrath of the Plain English Campaign. The document is described "as the worst printed garbage seen all year."

The Plain English Campaign asked GMWDA what some of document meant. Incredibly a GMWDA spokesperson said, "The short answer is, I don't know."

The Plain English Campaign attended a meeting of the Waste Disposal Authority to present the award. However the Authority were not amused and one councillor told the Plain English Campaign to "Piss off, you wanker".

I dunno wot all the fuss is about Freda - English doesn't come much plainer than that

Now if GMWDA has used such plain (but not so rude) English in their document, then maybe they would have received a few more than 70 replies from the 2.5 million households in the region.

The award by the Plain English Campaign confirms Friends of the Earth's view that the whole public consultation has been an utter sham. "The authority has come up with some pretty suspect data on the costs of incineration and recycling", said FoE.

It is not too late to make your views known to GMWDA. Write to them at Blackfriars House, Parsonage M3 2JA. Also write to your local councillor complaining about how the consultation has been conducted, telling them you are opposed to incineration and want kerbside collection schemes implemented in Greater Manchester.

Manchester Friends of the Earth: 0161 834 8221

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