Alien BIN Men

Aliens from Planet Zog landed in Manchester last month, and kidnapped the wheelie bin of the Chair of GM Waste Disposal Authority.

The aliens pushed a ransom note through Cllrs. Fletcher's door inviting him to observe how much of his rubbish could be recycled.

The aliens were working with BIN (Ban Incineration Now) and activists from ARROW (Action to Reduce & Recycle Our Waste - who are fighting a landfill proposal in Skel-mersdale which is destined to take much of GM's waste). They took the wheelie bin to GMWDA's headquarters where they emptied its contents on the steps.

The inter-galactic action was to highlight that over 80% of our household waste could be recycled but that GMWDA were achieving only 3%. Head BIN honcho, Captain Re Use, claimed GMWDA were planning more incinerators to burn the rubbish rather than looking into ways of recycling it. The captain called on "all local humanoid species" to respond to GMWDA's consultation document and say "No!" to incineration.

BIN are preparing for their next actions - to get involved ring them on 0161 833 0003.

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