Protesters save £40,000 in a day!

Stuart and Michael, from the Manchester <!--a href="../Groups/sthd/index.html">Stop the Hawk Deal<!--/a> group, have been doing battle with British Aerospace (BAe) and their lawyers, Freshfields, yet again. This time they were arguing about how much money it was "reasonable" for Freshfields to charge the two protesters for the "privilege" of a life time <!--a href="">injunction<!--/a> banning them from nonviolent direct action at BAe sites.

Stuart, Michael & Ciaron outside the High Court
Stuart went for the moral high ground while Michael picked numerous holes in Freshfields' "Bill of Costs". The judge of the day, despite admitting he once worked for BAe and held shares in the company, agreed that Freshfields/BAe were trying to charge over the odds and to rip off the protesters for all the legal work done (as opposed to just that for the injunction).

At the start of the day Freshfields were claiming over £65,000 from the pair, but by the end of the day the judge had knocked it down to about £25,000. Still a lot of money, but as the protesters said, "It's good to see them squirm."!

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