Stick One on Poverty!

Poverty is a thief and a killer. It steals children's rights, forces them to work hard instead of going to school, and makes them ill from not eating properly. And every three seconds, poverty takes another child's life.

All children and young people have rights. Most governments have agreed to protect them. But, all over the world, children are denied their rights - to be safe and healthy, to get an education, and much more. Why? The main reason is poverty.

It doesn't have to be this way. By putting pressure on world leaders, we can help change opinions and get rid of the policies that keep people poor. By involving children who deal with poverty every day, we can also create new, effective solutions.

It's time to beat poverty. We have to make sure world leaders keep their word. It won't be easy, but your help can bring about real change. Join Save the Children Fund on Saturday 26 October 2002 and encourage as many young people (16+ years) as possible to come along and Stick One on Poverty! Admission is free and there will be opportunities to sign-up to the campaign, take campaign kits away and to take part in workshops with young people from Ghana and help build a "graffiti wall".

Chris Whitfield, Save the Children Fund's beat poverty campaign (0161 438 2740,

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