Phone Protest Picnic

This Sunday (21 July 2002) at noon there'll be a protest picnic near Marple. Orange started putting up a phone mast by a hamlet, to serve towns on the opposite side of the valley. Locals got together a last-minute public meeting a couple of days ago, of 30 or so people, who decided direct action was the only way forward. They have less than two weeks to stop it, and work has progressed. There have so far been blockades of the site stopping work, and preventing tree 'surgeons' cutting down trees next to the canal. However, they are completely inexperienced in this, and need support and advice. They are currently trying to build up the number of people prepared to go on site, and if there's enough support, hope to set up a 24 hour guard. Please come on Sunday for a relaxed picnic, to offer advice and support, and just chat about possibilities. Bring a picnic, blanket to sit on, and anything else you hope to find. Call 0161-226 6814 if you want to come to book a place in the minibus. Leave your name and number, and we'll get back to you with the exact leaving time (not earlier than 11am!). To contact the campaign, call 0161-427 7789
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