No Sweat at the Commonwealth Games

On the morning of the Saturday 3 August the air of smug corporatism that is the Commonwealth Games was momentarily punctuated with cries for sanity. A 50 strong procession of anti-sweatshop campaigners marched from All Saints Park to the Peace Gardens in St Peters Square, via the City Centre shopping area. The message was clear: the Commonwealth Games are not as friendly as they look - around the world children and adults are working under slave-like conditions to make the sports wear for the companies sponsoring the games. Not very sporting, I think. An assortment of banners and chanting (Corporate Wealth Games... What's disgusting? Union Busting! What's outrageous? Sweatshop wages!) made shoppers, hopefully, question their consciences, and the procession paused outside Gap in St. Ann's Square to highlight connection between sweatshops and our highstreets.

In the evening, MMU Student's Union hosted a night of karaoke, comedy and live music to raise money for Dita Sari, a determined campaigner with FNPBI, the biggest free trade union federation in Indonesia.

Graeme Sherriff
More information from the No Sweat campaign (07951 741640,

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