Mark Barnsley Released from Whitemoor Prison

We are overjoyed to announce that miscarriage of justice prisoner Mark Barnsley was finally released from Whitemoor prison on the morning of Monday 24th June 2002.

Mark walked out of maximum securty HMP Whitemoor to loud cheers and applause from waiting supporters. Friends, eager to welcome Mark out of prison had travelled from around the country and included an official delegation from the NUM, complete with their National Union banner.

After having his first decent breakfast in 8 years at a local cafe and thanking everyone for coming, Mark set off back to South Yorkshire where he will be living for the foreseeable future. He was later reunited with his children. Mark's youngest daughter who is now 8 years old, last saw him outside a prison when she was just 6 weeks old.

After spending over 8 years in just about every Maximum security hell- hole the prison system has to offer, Mark is in good spirits and obviously glad to be finally out. Mark and his campaign would like to take ths opportunity to thank everyone who has supported him over his 8 long years of wrongful imprisonment.

Whilst Mark tries to re-build his life and adjust to living in the outside world again the Justice for Mark Barnsley campaign will continue to help him get the justice which is long overdue. Mark has been released after serving two thirds of his 12 year prison sentence but he has yet to clear his name and have his wrongful conviction overturned. Prior to his release Mark refused to sign his licence on the principle that he is an innocent man and freedom is his right.

Before Mark was even released, the Police in South Yorkshire tried to intimidate local supporters. In a very obvious attempt to make things even harder for Mark, the place where he was intending to live upon his release was visited by the local Police Intelligence Unit (Special Branch). This sadly resulted in Mark loosing his new home before he was even out of prison. Thanks to friends and supporters rallying round though, a local alternative was quckly arranged so that Mark's release could go ahead and he at least has a decent place to stay. This action by the Police is obviously of concern to us and we will continue to closely monitor the situation.

The Justice for Mark Barnsley campaign will be producing a more detailed bulletin shortly which will contain updated news about Mark's release and a few words from Mark himself. The bulletin will also contain details of a national meeting we are organising to discuss Mark's release and the campaign. This will be followed by a social get-together and will be in about a months' time.

If you have Mark on your mailing lists (magazines and other publications)please change his details to those below. Also if you'd like to contact Mark you can now write to him at:


We will forward any mail addressed to him.

Mark can be emailed at

Mark will be also contactable on the campaign mobile phone, hopefully within a few days once he's learnt how to use it. The number is: 07944 522001.

Whilst we know that Mark is glad of your support, please bear in mind that he already has a big backlog of mail he recieved in prison to answer so there is likely to be a delay in him being able to reply.

The Struggle continues!
Justice for Mark Barnsley.

National Meeting and Social

SATURDAY - 3rd of AUGUST. 2002. At: The 1in12 Club, 21-23 Albion Street, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD1. Meeting Starts at: 1.30pm. Evening Social Starts at: 7.00pm.

The Meeting: With Mark Barnsley’s recent release from prison we are getting supporters together from across the country to discuss where the campaign for justice goes from here. We welcome all supporters of Mark’s campaign and encourage you to come and take part in this important meeting. Food and refreshments will be available from 12.30pm.

The Social: Early in the evening we will be meeting (again at the 1in12 Club) for an informal get-together. Please try to arrive on time though as we may move on to another venue. Further details will be decided on the day. We look forward to meeting you all. Let’s make it a day to remember!

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