Networking Newsletter: Issue 43 (Sept & Oct 2002

Welcome to the 43rd issue of the Networking Newsletter, which is, as usual, packed with the latest news on recent actions and current campaigns, plus our comprehensive calendar of forthcoming activities and a huge list of contacts. For up to the minute breaking news, check out the STOP PRESS section.

The web site now has an online activism section. There's no excuse for not doing your part, all from the comfort of your computer!

If you can't find what you're looking for using our local search engine, then email or ring ([pls use email]) us so we can include the information in future issues.

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Top Stories
The main stories in this issue are listed below. Also check out the STOP PRESS section for breaking news items.


Not Included in the Printed Edition

The following articles didn't make it to the printed newsletter. They were originally "stop press" items and are reproduced here for interest.

Events Calendar

The main events calendar has hundreds of activities and meetings coming up over the next few months. Please use this calendar both to find things to get involved in, but also to plan your activities - try to work with others planning similar things at the time you were thinking of and avoid clashes, where possible.

Regular events, such as monthly group meetings and fortnightly working weekends, are listed separately to the main calendar. Not that they are less important but to save repetitive typing!

Please let us know of your activities so we can post them here so others can read them and get involved them.


Check out the most up-to-date and comprehensive contacts list of campaigners in and around Manchester. We're often imitated, the information copied, but we're never beaten for quantity of contacts and the reliability of them being correct.

Enquiries about the Networking Newsletter Project should be made to:

Networking Newsletter Project, 6 Mount Street, Manchester M2 5NS.
Tel: [pls use email]
Fax: 0161 834 5797 (clearly marked FAO: Michael, Networking Newsletter)


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