Work and Welfare, not Weapons

Greater Manchester and District Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament are teaming up with the Campaign Against Arms Trade to organise this national conference in Manchester. The conference, looking at diversification from military production and the creation of a non-military economy, will be on Saturday 2 November.

The event will show that the arms manufacturing industry and trade in the UK has a negative impact both globally and on people in this country and question the assumption that military industry is a vital part of the UK economy. Rae Street, chair of GM&D CND said, "After this issue was raised several times at (CND) national conference, it was felt that we must organise something to spark renewed interest in diversification. We will look at how to end the over-reliance of the UK economy on an unethical arms trade as a starting point to achieve genuine security, both for workers in this country and the innocent victims of war abroad."

Speakers include Jeremy Corbyn MP, Ian Goudie (Arms Conversion Project), Chris Cole (Campaign Against Arms Trade) and Paul Dunne (School of Economics, University of West England). Workshops will include Ethical Careers Nuclear industry and Diversification, Arms Conversion, and Defence Contractors and Employment

Conference details/bookings

Greater Manchester and District Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (0161 273 8283,

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