Education, education, education

Education is much more than what goes on in schools, colleges and universities. It is an essential and on-going part of life. It is so much more than New Labour's "Life Long Learning" - it is about self education. The SelfEd Collective, part of the Solidarity Federation, is a group of people from a diverse range of backgrounds, including people with and without a state and university education. The Collective seeks to develop practical skills for anti-capitalist activity, as well as developing knowledge.

Knowledge is power and the Collective want to share power amongst everyone in society. The SelfEd Collective is dedicated to providing materials and structured learning environments that people can use to improve their awareness through individual study and thought, and through discussion with others. The Collective is a group of facilitators to help you find out more and develop your ideas. Their education methods are based on their libertarian principles and they practice what they preach.

The Collective has produced a booklet, "Skills for Action: Talking and Writing" and developed "The History of Anarcho-syndicalism", a 24 unit course that spans the course of history from the roots of capitalism to the resistance against it, up to the present day. Both can be accessed for free via their web site.

Self Ed Collective, c/o Manchester Solidarity Federation (0161 232 7889,

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