Debt Fetters

photo of chains A dozen Jubilee Debt Campaign activists endured the rain in Manchester and took part in the "Feast of Delights" parade on the pre-Golden Jubilee Bank Holiday (Monday 3 June). The theme "A Feast of Delights on $1 a day" was conveyed on a banner made by WDM activists and the JDC slogan "Still waiting for the Jubilee" was carried on an apron banner by four teenagers recruited through Union Baptist Church, Fallowfield.

The activists contributed to the cacophony of the parade by blowing whistles and banging pans and metal trays, following protesters in Argentina in its financial crisis. The central motif was a sledge "debt burden" adorned with Union Flags and dragged by two members who were shackled to it by giant debt-chains.

photo of banners Handbills were distributed to onlookers and, after arrival at Albert Square, some signatures were collected on the JDC petition to the Queen. This exploits a provision believed to exist in Magna Carta whereby a loyal petition to the monarch has to be responded to by the governing power within 40 days. The petition congratulates Her Majesty on reaching her Jubilee, celebrates the actions and progress achieved by her government so far, and asks her to encourage her ministers to secure deeper and wider debt relief so that this is a "Year of Jubilee for all".

Stephen Pennells, Manchester Jubilee Debt Campaign (0161 224 2025,

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