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Since the beginning of the year, Greater Manchester Centre for Voluntary Organisation (GMCVO) and others have had the threat of AGMA funding being withdrawn. Under the Section 48 grants scheme, AGMA had planned to switch funding from up to 12 organisations in the community and social welfare sector to organisatons involved in cultural activities, including mainstream institutions (such as the Royal Exchange) who aren't exactly strapped for cash.

Now, following concerted lobbying involving hundreds of support letters, AGMA has softened its approach and decided to approve a 50% cut of GMCVO's budget. The other half will be retained pending discussion and agreement between AGMA and the district CVSs. Other Section 48 groups with grant reprieves include GM Low Pay Unit, GM Coalition of Disabled People, Community Foundation for Greater Manchester, GM Hazards Centre, Cancer Aid Listening Line and the Women's Domestic Violence Helpline.

Online GMCVO Resources

GMCVO's new look web site now includes a fully searchable online database of their resource library. So with a few mouse clicks you can quickly access over 2000 reports, directories and briefings on issues of importance to the voluntary and community sectors.

GMCVO (0161 277 1011,

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