GM Trials - Coming Soon to a Village Near You!

STOP PRESS: GM Crop Cropped

Over the last couple of years, Lymm in Cheshire has been host to Farm Scale Trials of genetically modified Maize and Oilseed Rape. In May, a test site of Aventis Maize was planted at Woolstoncroft Farm, despite local opposition from organic farmers and residents in the form of personal visits, letters and a petition signed by over 200 local people.

So much for consultation - Despite the fact that this is not the first year of trials, of the 200 people we approached whilst petitioning in Altrincham, none of them had been consulted! Not one of these local people was aware of the test sites around the corner from their homes and not one of them had given their consent to be part of Aventis's latest science project.

Cross-contamination is a major threat for all farmers and gardeners in the area as well as for wildlife and local ecosystems. Organic farms in the area also run the added risk of loosing their organic status (and their livelihood).

An action group has been set up specifically to target the trials at Woolstencroft. We hoped (perhaps a little naively) to stop the trials before they were even begun, but the events of the last couple of weeks (i.e. - the sowing of the maize seed) have 'forced' us to think about further action. The plan so far is to make as many local people as possible aware of the trials by way of banners/ posters, stalls and leaflet drops in the area.

Please write to the farmer taking part in this trial asking him to withdraw and outlining the reasons for your opposition to the growing of GM crops: William Blackburn, Woolstencroft Farm, Broomedge, Lymm, Cheshire.

There will be a public meeting at Lymm village Hall, 7-0pm on Friday 5 July and a rally in the area on Saturday 20 July.

GM Free Cheshire Campaign (07759 031931,

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