Looking the Tiger in the Eye

Saturday 18 May marked the 2nd National Day of Action Against Esso during which over 400 petrol stations were targeted across the country. Campaigners and their friends in Greater Manchester, under the Stop Esso banner, picketed virtually every station in the area with placards, leaflets, stickers and even a few dancing tigers, to get the message out to the public.

banner: Stop Esso Esso have been labelled the "Number 1 Global Warming Villain" by environmental organisations, businesses and the public alike, for their unquestionable role in President Bush's decision to pull out of the Kyoto Protocol. Their corporate campaigns undermine climate science and they still refuse to invest in renewable energy sources preferring instead to push ahead with oil exploration and extraction in more and more fragile parts of our planet.

photo: Beep if you don't buy Esso Despite the best efforts of campaigners, Esso have continued with their dirty tricks in their mission to sabotage global action on climate change. In February this year, Exxon released a secret memo to the Whitehouse calling for the removal of Bob Watson as head of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change along with other "progressive" officials. The memo criticises Watson for speaking out about the dangers of climate change and once again shows us who's really pulling the strings in US policy.

The campaign goes on - watch this space for campaign news and a possible monthly picket in Manchester.

Lauren, Manchester Stop Esso (0161 834 8221, laurenglitter@hotmail.com)

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