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From Greater Manchester Cycling Campaign:
GMCC and the Manchester CTC Right to Ride reps are putting together an alternative report on annual progress in cycling provision compared to the aims expressed in the Greater Manchester Local Transport Plan. The reasons for doing this include a lack of confidence in the methods of measuring this progress or lack of it which the LTP team intend to use and the excessively optimistic views expressed in the last annual progress report. The guidance for writing the annual progress report from the DETR points out that it should be on actual progress, but last years report contained many intentions to introduce schemes, rather than what had actually been achieved. We are concerned that this painted a too rosy view of the situation. Therefore, we have decided to do our own progress report, restricted to cycling related issues. Although we have some decent material for this, we would very much like to get as much information as possible from cyclists on what they think has been done, using their own experiences.

To this end, they have produced a short questionnaire (Microsoft Word [30Kb]) which they would be very grateful if you could distribute this as widely as possibe to cyclists you know, by hard copy or email. We would like replies by 21st June if possible, but don't worry if your reply is a few days late. We are particularly interested to hear from people who cycle in Boroughs where there appears to be little consideration of cyclists, such as Salford, Rochdale, Tameside and Wigan.

Dick Venes, Hon Secretary, Greater Manchester Cycling Campaign (0161 224 3843,

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