Cross Zebra Calls for Action

Hulme residents decided recently that it was time to take action over a busy "death trap" junction where it can take 15 minutes to cross, and then only by dodging traffic. Manchester City Council claims not to have the funding to put in a proper crossing and will only do so when it becomes an "accident blackspot" - when it is too late and someone has been killed. photo: protesters with zebra The residents, complete with zebra, staged an impressive eight hour protest at the junction of Stretford Road and Higher Cambridge Street, which is just metres from a primary school and close to busy student halls of residence. Balloons and placards were used to alert drivers and passersby to the issue. Initally, the zebra was used to help people cross the road, but the police warned the protesters that they were distracting the drivers too much. Therefore, the rest of the action was spent on the side of the road. Over 800 signatures were collected on a petition calling for a pedestrian crossing which has now been handed in to the Council. Everyone who passed by agreed that something needed to be done and many had witnessed or actually been involved in accidents there.

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