Speak Out for Trade Justice

Join the biggest ever lobby of parliament to help make world trade work for the whole world. No experience is necessary as information, advice and support will be provided. On Wednesday 19 June 2002, thousands will gather at Westminster to persuade MPs to call for trade justice. With the Government attending important summits soon afterwards it is an ideal opportunity to show massive public support to rewrite the international trade rules. There will be inspiring speakers, music, food, stalls and much more before the formation of a massive queue outside the House of Commons where people will meet with their MP.

The lobby is organised by the Trade Justice Movement, a fast expanding group of organisations who are concerned about the negative impact of international trade rules on the poorest people in the world, on the environment, and on democracy. The Greater Manchester group are organising a coach for the lobby, leaving Central Manchester at 8am, returning around midnight. Contact John Logan (0161 273 3647, jlogan@christian-aid.org) to book.

The campaign for trade justice is becoming greater and stronger with April seeing the launch of Oxfam's three year campaign of "Make Trade Fair". The campaign is focusing on the ability of international trade to lift people out of poverty, but only when it is fair. As the "Make Trade Fair" website says:

The conditions for change are absolutely right to tackle world poverty at its roots. Developing countries have had enough of being used, abused and drained by trade relationships with rich countries who set the rules. Even some of those rich countries are beginning to question the sustainability of a situation that generates riches for a minority and impoverishment for the many. Around the world, growing numbers of ordinary people are beginning to use their power to express their belief that justice in trade is possible, by choosing fair trade products and by calling on their politicians to make trade fair. To learn about the campaign and register your voice visit http://www.maketradefair.com



  1. Trade Justice Movement (Greater Manchester): John Logan (0161 273 3647, jlogan@christian-aid.org)
  2. Chris Worrall, Oxfam Campaigns (0161 838 5620, CWorrall@oxfam.org.uk)

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