Calling ALL Radio Stars...

A.L.L. 96.9FM (for Ardwick, Longsight and Levenshulme) and Wythenshawe 97.2FM are now on the air for at least a year. These are communtiy radio stations staffed by residents and not-for-profit. You can publicise your events and campaigns, as long as the pitch makes it relevant to these areas, by calling 0161 273 4072 or 0161 499 7982 respectively.

... and TV wannabes

Granada Action is a short programe dedicated to helping community groups get their message across. They will come and make a brief film about you, entirely for free. This will then be broadcast on television all over the North West. For more information or an application form, contact Denise Ambery, Granada (0161 827 2246).
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