Freedom Summer

Volunteers are sought to join with Palestinians over the summer (24 June - 7 July) in nonviolent direct action to challenge the occupation of Palestine and to support the struggle for freedom.

In December, the International Solidarity Movement, including three people from Manchester, stopped tanks, removed roadblocks and suspended the operation of a checkpoint, all by nonviolent means (see previous issue). This April, during the stepping up of the occupation, the ISM provided protection for civilians by staying with families in refugees camps, accompanying ambulances, and were vital in communicating with the media.

Noboby knows what the situation will be like this summer. If the occupation continues, ISM will resist. If it has ended, they will joyfully reconstruct. Actions will be planned with a core of the International Solidarity Movement - a Palestinian led coalition of Palestinians and internationals.

Training weekend: Saturday 1 & Sunday 2 June. Contact:

For details of a UK training weekend for the summer actions, to contact speakers for public meetings email


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