Free the Southport Chimps

STOP PRESS:Zoo to close!
The Captive Animals' Protection Society (CAPS) has launched a campaign to free Jackie and Jason, two chimps at Southport Zoo. Despite being brothers the chimps have spent years living alone in enclosures criticised by experts for not supplying the necessary space and stimulation for such social and intelligent animals.

Jackie Jason

Two years ago the zoo said that if a new home with better facilities came up they would allow the chimps to move. Primate sanctuary Monkey World have offered a new home for Jackie and Jason in a 2 acre enclosure with plenty of stimulation and the company of other chimps.

But now the zoo refuses to let Jackie and Jason move. Sefton Council, who license the zoo (which has been described as one of the worst in the country), are trying to wash their hands of the issue but have the power to push the zoo to re-home the chimps to Monkey World.

Southport relies heavily on tourism so let them know you won't be visiting the town until the chimps are moved to Monkey World.

Please write, telephone or fax the following, calling on them to release Jackie and Jason into the care of Monkey World:

Southport Zoo Action (
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