United Against HIV

The HIV epidemic now kills more people each year worldwide than war and conflict. It is the poorest and most vulnerable people in the world who bear the brunt of this emergency. Despite much rhetoric, the response of the international community has been shameful.

In order to influence decision makers the Stop Aids Campaign aims to develop and mobilise a strong and active constituency of support within the UK to campaign for an urgently expanded international response to the global HIV epidemic. This is an unprecedented initiative bringing together a wide range of different groups to raise awareness about the global impact of HIV and to demand a global response.

From 1-12 May, activists from Asia, Latin America and Africa will be touring the country, to gain support for the campaign and to highlight the ways in which we should all be working to tackle HIV. The Manchester part of the tour takes place in May. On Thursday 9 May, there will be a meeting at the Friends Meeting House for everyone who wants to find out more and how they can get involved.

Denise McDowell, George House Trust (0161 274 4499, denise@ght.org.uk)

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