Projects to Develop the Health Voice Network
Background Information for Potential Bidders
1. About the Health Voice Network
The Health Voice Network is a new self-help network funded by the Department
of Health and run independently by the UK Health for All Network.  The aim
of the Network is to enable people to develop and share the skills and
resources they need to influence policies and services to improve health.
We enable communication via a newsletter, email discussion list and website.
Further information is available on our website
2. Purpose of the Projects
The Health Voice Network currently has over 400 members.  Most either work
for statutory organisations that provide services impacting on health, or
represent an organisation supporting people's involvement.  We want to fund
practical projects that will:
* Increase Network membership, especially among members of the public,
members of community groups and service users
* Increase membership among people who experience particular barriers to
participation (E.g. the poorest, black people, disabled by society, etc.)
* Increase the involvement of new and existing members in planning services
and policies
* Increase the use new and existing members make of the Network to support
their involvement in planning
3. Funding
We have £13,000 available to fund projects.  Individual projects will be
funded up to a maximum of £5,000.
4. Where the projects will be
Projects may be based around any geographical area in England, a community
of interest, or a combination of the two.  For example:
* Developing citizen involvement in a Local Strategic Partnership, patients
forum, community planning or regeneration area
* Developing new or existing local, regional or national networks to
influence health policy or services among people who experience barriers to
participation (E.g. the poorest, black people, disabled by society, etc.)
5. Specific outputs the projects will produce
Records of:
* The experiences and feelings of people (both staff and members of the
public) who have been involved or tried to get involved in planning
* Resources that people have found useful to support involvement
* Ideas to improve the facilities provided by the Health Voice Network
* Evaluations of the projects by stakeholders in them
These records may be visual, audio and written  (E.g. photos of people,
artwork; video; tape recorded interviews and their transcripts).  Projects
will produce a written report describing and evaluating the project.  All
records and reports will be the property of the Health for All Network (UK)
Ltd, and may be incorporated into webpages, CD ROMs and other reports, with
acknowledgement to sources.
6. How Project Proposals will be shortlisted
Shortlisting will take into account the extent to which projects will:
* Achieve the purposes listed above in section 2.
* Produce the outputs listed above in section 5.
* Cost of the project (income from other sources will be welcome!)
Proposals will be assessed initially by the Hub and Spokespeople Project
Coordinator, and then by members of the Project Steering Group, who will be
required to declare any interests in any of the projects.
7. Timetable
There will be a 2 stage application process.  Only a brief outline proposal
is required initially.  Shortlisted proposals will then submit a more
detailed project plan:
20 May:
Outline project proposals submitted
3 June:
Proposals shortlisted
24 June:
Detailed proposals submitted
8 July:
Funding decisions made
15 July onwards:
Projects commence
31 December:
Projects completed
8. How to Apply
Email, post or fax an outline of the proposed project to us at the address
below, to reach us by 20 May.  The outline should be typed, and no longer
than 2 sides of A4, to include:
* A project title
* The amount of funding applied for, and any funding sought or obtained from
other sources
* A description of the project, including how it will achieve the purposes
listed above in section 2 and produce the outputs listed above in section 5.
* Contact details of the person making the application, including a full
postal address and telephone number, and where possible, an email address.
We welcome informal enquiries - please contact us if you have any questions
or comments.
Alan Boyd, Hub & Spokespeople Project Coordinator, Health for All Network,
New Century House, 52-56 Tithebarn Street, Liverpool, L2 2SR
Tel: 0151 231 4284; Fax: 0151 231 4209; Email:

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