Wealth for Health

The Health Voice Network is a new self-help network funded by the Department of Health and run independently by the UK Health for All Network. The aim of the Network is to enable people to develop and share the skills and resources they need to influence policies and services to improve health. They enable communication via a newsletter, email discussion list and website. Further information is available on the website http://www.healthvoice-uk.net

They have £13,000 available to develop the Network further, through projects to broaden its active membership. Individual projects will be funded up to a maximum of £5,000. If you are interested in being funded to do such a project, study the background details or contact Alan (see below). The deadline is 20 May.

Alan Boyd, Hub & Spokespeople Project Coordinator (0151 231 4284, admin@healthvoice-uk.net)

Doorstep Green Initiative

The Countryside Agency is offering communities a chance to create their own "Doorstep Green" - a revitalised or newly created multipurpose open green space that provides areas to sit, relax, play or to encourage wildlife. A start-up grant of around £3,500 is available for groups to plan and develop their idea and, if accepted, additional grants of around £50,000 are available to create the green. For further information call the helpline on 0845 00 00 121.
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