Campaign Against Depleted Uranium
The Manchester based Campaign Against Depleted Uranium staged an action at the Armed Forces Careers office on Manchester's Peter Street at the end of April. In the midst of an army recruitment drive, the action highlighted the use of depleted Uranium (DU) weapons, despite the growing medical and scientific evidence of their indiscrimnate and devastating consequences on health and the environ-ment. Gulf War Veterans have long suspected DU as being the cause of the debilitating illnesses and early deaths that many of them are suffering from. They have spent the last ten years fighting for a proper investigation into their illness and to receive compensation but the Ministry of Defence has obstructed them at every turn.

Activists visited the office with banners and leaflets and spoke to the young people there for interviews. They explained the shoddy treatment given to the Vets and how they should be aware of the dangers of all low and high level radiative weapons. After a while the protesters were made to leave at which point they retired to the street outside and distributed the rest of their leaflets to passerbys who were, on the whole, very interested when they heard what it was about.

Camille Warren, Campaign Against Depleted Uranium (0161 273 8293,

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