Bog Off Kimberley Clarke!

Activists from Manchester's People and Planet group and Shortcutz, a direct action society, targeted the career presentations of companies with particularly bad environmental and/or human rights records. Every year large companies tour university campuses across the country using glossy presentations and free wine to try to recruit graduates. We aimed to put a spanner in the works by raising awareness about ethical issues and hopefully deter potential employees from working for particular companies. These included Shell, Esso, Nestle and Kimberly Clarke.

Kimberley Clarke makes Kleenex, Huggies nappies and Kotex sanitary towels. Behind their innocent exterior of cute little puppies, Kimberly Clarke are logging native forests in Australia, destroying the ancient habitat of endangered species and turning unsustainable hardwood pulp into sewage. We successfully leafleted all of the unsuspecting undergraduates on their way in.

Then two activists stood up before the presentation started and spoke eloquently and passionately about hormone disrupting chemicals used in nappies that have been known to cause sex changes in shellfish. They also highlighted the landfill problems created by disposable nappies, as well as Kimberley Clarkes' bad pollution history. They exposed Kimberly Clarke's use of animal testing, and the problem that 'pull-ups' encourage children to use disposable nappies into toddler-hood. The smooth faced representatives were at a loss as how to deal with us. They didn't really have anything to say to counter our arguments, so they resorted to unfounded sarcasm.

Shortcutz: (0161 224 2068, 0161 248 7661,
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