Manchester Fur Trade Ring Smashed

(Taken from LoomBreaker #24)

"Okay everyone. This is a protest!", someone announces with the megaphone as we traipse into the store. The protest is at Arc on King's Street, where animal rights activists have learnt there are fur coats for sale. Not anymore though, as staff immediately remove the offending items, and a call from a manager a half hour later confirms they will stay off the racks.

So time enough to pay a visit to St. Anne's Square where one of the seasonal stalls is not showing much good will to the animals, selling 'toy cats' made with rabbits fur (see Issue 36). Our presence brings some animated responses from passers-by, though it turns out that a few are nearby stallholders worried about the protest losing them trade. A couple of hours of quite pressure is all it takes to get the 'toys' removed. Wow, two results and not it's not even lunchtime.

Manchester Animal Protection (0845 456 2492,

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