Desist Deportations

Lata and Devesha Shah

Lata Shah and her daughter Devesha came to Britain 2 years ago on holiday from India. They decided to stay to care for Lata's niece, Arati Bhavsar, who has been disabled since birth as a result of medical negligence. The Home Office wants to deport Lata and Devesha as the immigration rules do not allow those providing personal assistance to disabled people to remain here, however much they are needed. Bury Social Services agree that it is in Arati's interests to be supported by members of her own family. Lata and Devesha's final appeal is on Friday 1 February at Aldine House, New Bailey Street, Manchester, (near Salford train station). The Lata and Devesha Defence Campaign is asking people to come along and show their support. Supporters are meeting outside Aldine House at 9.30am.

Bayo Omoyiola

Bayo Omoyiola has lived in the UK for the last 12 years. However he has had ties to the UK over 30 years as he completed his PhD at Aberdeen University in the early 70s. For more than ten years he has been under threat of deportation to Nigeria. Bayo is an active and valued member of his local community. He has a son, Bambour, who was born here and is British. Bayo worked for Liverpool City Council for nine years and was very active in the trade union, UNISON. Bayo's final appeal will take place on Monday 21 January at Aldine House.

The Sus

Lian Hu Su, his wife Xiao Fang and their three children, Miao, Jing and Zhao, now live in Dukinfield, Tameside. Mr Su fled persecution in China after he helped students escape after the 1989 Tianamen Square protest in Beijing. He believes he will be executed if he is forced to return to China. The family have settled into the community in Dukinfield where they have wide-spread support. The children are so popular at school that their head teachers vowed to refuse police entry if the authorities turned up to take the children away. The Su family have recently been given a three month temporary extension which allows them to stay until January 2002. They are continuing their campaign to be allowed to stay here permanently.

National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns (0161 740 8206)

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