A Community Network for Manchester

Over the next few years regeneration money from central government is being channelled to the 88 most needy local authority areas through the Neighbourhood Renewal Fund. To access this money, local authorities are obliged to a establish a Local Strategic Partnership (LSP) consisting of all sectors: private, statutory, and voluntary & community. The LSP will produce a Community Strategy for improving services and encouraging regeneration. The government recognises that it will be difficult for many parts of the voluntary sector to participate immediately and have therefore created a plan to help this to happen. A Community Network is to be established, with money available to help support this process. The Community Network will then feed in the views of the voluntary & community sector to the LSP.

The first steps towards a Community Network for Manchester were taken at a conference held at Cross Street Chapel on Thursday 11 October. Over 100 people were present and took part in making decisions about the development of the Community Network over the next six months. By the time you read this the initial meeting of the Community Network Strategy Group will have been held. There are seven geographical areas and 22 thematic networks to try to cover the whole of the sector right across the city.

If you would like further information or to get involved then contact:

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