Manchester Against War

The events in New York on September 11 are likely to be etched in our memories for an extremely long time. Deliberately taking so many innocent lives in such a cold blooded calculated attack has been condemned worldwide.

In the aftermath of the attack, there have been marks of respect, minutes of silence and books of condolences all around the city. President George W. Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair have declared a "war on terrorism" and on those who support terrorists. Terrorism is appalling and steps should be taken to wipe it out. But how far should we go?

peace rally On the last two Saturdays of September, peace rallys have been held. And on Thursday 27 September, over 350 people crammed into the Friends Meeting House in Manchester to join together in approving a "Greater Manchester Declaration of Peace". The meeting also formally launched a "Coalition to Stop the War" to promote the alternative view of peace, justice and freedom across the world.

"A better world is possible", concluded Rae Street, of Greater Manchester & District Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) who organised the meeting together with the Socialist Alliance, Green Party, Globalise Resistance, and other local campaigns, trade unions and individuals.

The anti-war coalition has now organised a series of events and activities to oppose war-mongering including transport to the national CND demonstration in London on Saturday 13 October and local meetings in Stockport, North Manchester, Salford and South Manchester (Withington Community Centre on 10th) in early October. More dates are likely to follow.

Greater Manchester & District CND (0161 273 8283,
Greater Manchester Socialist Alliance (0161 256 1997)

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