Pool Protest Sinks

The campaign to save Gorton Tub is over, but with the sad closure of the swimming baths. Despite a sit in by about 30 people in the Manchester City Council chamber, the Council took the final decision to close the pool for good. By 4pm the same day the pool's manager had been told to stop admissions.

According to the Manchester Evening News, a member of staff said: "We feel we have been kept completely in the dark. We have been told just to work one day at a time and didn't know what the situation was. We have been offered other jobs but there is no choice in where we can go and the hours and shifts have all changed. We've basically been told we can like it or lump it. We feel we have been treated disgracefully. There is a lot of anger about the way this has been handled."

Council leader Richard Leese said the Tub was expensive, inefficient and wasteful and added its closure would allow more money to be ploughed into other leisure facilities.

As a recorded verdict was taken on the Tub, protesters shouted from the public gallery. Many believe the Tub has been sacrificed to help save money for the Commonwealth Games next year.

Save Gorton Tub campaign: (Ian Allinson 0161 231 5827, Lynda Shentall 0161 223 9814, Tony Martin 0161 225 2253, Councillor Jackie Pearcey 0161 336 0468, Steve Allen 0794 735 8603)

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