Stop the Ships Cats

National and local media has recently reported the new craze created by "Ships Cats". These novelty gifts, shaped as a small sleeping cat are made from real rabbit fur. Rabbit fur is the product of cruel factory-farming where animals are crammed into tiny wire cages before being slaughtered by various cruel methods.

The cats can be found in gift and card shops all over the country, many of them being imported by a company called Nauticalia. This company claims to donate proceeds from the sale to animal welfare groups, but are reluctant to name these charities and even makes the donations anonymously.

Unfortunately for Nauticalia all the recipient charities so far contacted by CAFT (Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade) have returned the money and have told the company that they don't want to be associated with fur products.

Please look out in shops for these cats and let us know if you see them (please give the name and address of the shop, price of a cat and any details on the label such as the manufacturer and importer).

Also, please send complaints to Nauticalia asking them to stop selling real fur: Mr Lynn Lewis, Nauticalia Ltd, The Ferry Point, Ferry Lane, Shepperton-on-Thames, TW17 9LQ. Tel: 01932 244 396, fax: 01932 241 679, email:

If you find yourself in the Trafford Centre why not make a complaint in the Nauticalia store at 102 Regent Crescent (0161 747 0333).

CAFT's National Week of Action on 17-24 November will be highlighting the slaughter of animals for their fur. They are also planning a National Day of Action against the sale of these fur cats.

Contact CAFT further information on rabbit farming or the fur trade, and the campaigns to stop them.

Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade (07939 264 864,


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