Summer Madness?

STOP PRESS: G8 in UK (Summer 2005)

the spot where Carlo Guilani fell
G8 leaders in Genoa
marching with a giant lifeboat in Bonn Top to bottom: the spot where Carlo Guilani fell; G8 leaders in Genoa; marching with a giant lifeboat in Bonn
Has the world gone a bit over the top? In Genoa, police killed a protester while the G8 leaders kept smiling. These particular protesters might have been overly violent in their protests but was shooting somebody the answer? There now seems a common strand in the media's reporting of demonstrations: they're eager to cover arrests and give more footage to violence than debate. How many times have campaigners been asked by the media, "oh, will anybody get arrested?"

A few days before the tragic events in Genoa, another mass demonstration was being held in Bonn, outside the talks on the Kyoto Protocol. 'I want you to fry' says Bush (cartoon) The only mention of violence there was concerning how violent the weather would become if no steps were agreed to curb emissions of greenhouse gases and thus restrict climate change. Unfortunately mad oilman (sorry, President) Bush's "no" stance allowed other countries to get a watered down protocol, but surely this is better than nothing at all?

Perhaps it's time we all sat down and thought a bit more about how best to achieve the desirable ends we're working for and how best to get our side of the argument across.

Michael, Networking Newsletter Project

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