OKasional Cafe Reopens

STOP PRESS: The OK Cafe is due to re-open on Sat 7 July but you are still advised to ring before popping along

photo: front of OK Cafe

The Okasional Cafe is back and it needs you! It has been up and running at 60 Charles St. (just off Oxford Road, opposite the BBC) for five weeks and new people are always welcome to help with anything from putting on workshops or gigs, to recycling or cooking. The cafe was in court on May 2nd, lots of people turned up as defendants and the judge told the licensees of the building they didn't have a legal right to occupation and threw out the case. He also awarded 150 costs to the cafe! We don't know how long this autonomous space will last, so get yourselves down there while you still can. Following a brilliant opening night party there have been film and poetry nights, capoiera workshops, jam nights, punk and folk gigs, a reggae night and much more. There's always a vegan meal (organic when possible) on Wednesday evenings and often food at other times too.

If you have any literature you would like put out on display (fliers, newsletters etc.) then send it direct to the OK Cafe, 60 Charles Street, Central Manchester.

Opening times and days vary so phone before visiting.

OKasional Cafe (07753 606723, OKasional-cafe@nematode.freeserve.co.uk)

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