Mass Mast Victory

More residents groups are celebrating this Spring after successfully opposing mobile phone masts in the south of the region.

In Heaton Chapel, a planning application for a mobile phone mast has been refused after residents objected. A new mast was due to replace the current 15m mast with a "monostrosity" according to local councillors who overturned their officers' original decision to grant planning permission. Vodaphone and One2One are now considering whether to appeal.

Gatley Mast Action Group are celebrating the High Court's decision to grant them a judical review over the risks to health from mobile phone masts. At the moment, some councils (including Stockport) are stopping masts being built in schools' grounds, but they cannot use perceived health risks as a reason to refuse planning permission for masts in general. However, the judical review may overturn this in which case all councils in the country will be able to stop masts being erected if they perceive health risks to the local community. As Lisa Oldham told the local papers, "We're not just fighting for Gatley anymore. There are hundreds of groups like us all over the country who are doing exactly the same thing. If we win we'll be setting a precedent for every other group." Currently, One2One has put its plans for a mast in Gatley on hold.
Lisa Oldham of Gatley Mast Action

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