Never Mind the Ballots

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One day every few years in Britain, there isn't a Govern-ment. In this twilight zone when no "elected representatives" are in charge, Manchester will be home to a daylong festival of anti-government and anti-corporate frivolity, celebrating music, theatre, autonomous direct action, free food, art, lying around and a "state funeral". Rather than following the pattern of recent bigger demos, where a lot of hanging around and inevitable confrontation occurs, it will be fluid, autonomous and serious, whilst silly and colourful. It will serve as an experiment in new ways to really have an effect.

Never Mind the Ballots British politics is falling apart. The only question is, what will replace it? For a hundred years people fought for the vote, now they're abandoning it in droves. With both major parties representing big business, it's hardly surprising that ordinary people feel excluded. In the US, where the differences between the two parties are even less, the turn out is even lower. Is that where we're heading?

On Election Day (June 7th in case you've been on holiday in another solar system) there will be a day-long celebration of creative resistance, stressing the positive surge of the new world, as well as the collapse of the old political system. Timetable: "Can't Stomach the Election?" (food & plants giveaway, 1pm, city centre), "Play the Fool" (street theatre & music, 1pm city centre), "Turn the World Upside Down" (Critical Mass cycle ride, 5pm, All Saints Park). In the evening, there will be "Democracy is Dead" (State Funeral, 6:30pm, Sackville Park) followed by a "Big Noise to Drown out the Decision-makers".

Join in with the above, or plan an event of your own! If you've got a speciality you want to show off, come along and do your thing! Full support will be provided (venue for stalls, briefing for actions).

Watch out for a full report back in the next issue of the Networking Newsletter.

Uninvited ( & Carrumba Collective (0161 226 6814)

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