photo: 'Foot and Mouth Disease' notice

Foot in Mouth?

If the recent Foot and Mouth "crisis" has revealed anything it's a hypocritical view towards animals. People cry over the TV pictures of animals being slaughtered and burned en masse. then they sit down to a plate of meat.

Foot and Mouth is a mild illness from which animals recover. But the virus reduces their profit - they produce less meat and milk, and outbreaks of F&M; affect Britain's live animal and meat export trade.

Is this killing any worse than the usual fate for these animals? Usually they are transported to slaughter, often crammed in lorries for thousands of miles across Europe, soaking in urine and suffocating before arriving at a slaughterhouse.

"Farm animals" are bred only to be killed so that people can eat them. In Britain alone, over 2.5 million "healthy" animals are killed every day to provide meat for human consumption. Even if the animals are not killed now because of F&M;, their lives won't be spared. They will soon end up being butchered in a slaughter-house anyway.

For those people who are upset at all the "healthy" animals being killed and burned, why aren't they crying for the same 2.5 million "healthy" animals that are killed in British slaughter-houses everyday of every year for the meat trade?

Everyone who eats meat is responsible for the animals being forced into this world in the first place and thus ultimately responsible for their death. Yet where are the tears? No-one who cares about animals wants to see any animal die for whatever reason. This is why more than ever before, if you care about animals then don't eat them, but go veggie!

Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade (07939 264 864)
[More info on becoming a veggie from Vegetarian Society, Parkdale, Dunham Road, Altrincham, Cheshire WA14 4QG. Tel: 0161 928 0793,]

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