Nicaragua Needs You

The Women's House in Bilwi, Nicaragua, is becoming fairly dilapidated. Nicaragua Links Group would like to organise a group of skilled women to go and spend 2-3 weeks repairing and improving it, ideally working alongside and sharing skills with local women. If you think you might like to go, and have building, carpentry, joinery, plumbing or good DIY skills, please get in touch. Likewise, if you would like to help with fundraising or logistics.

Manchester has a formal friendship agreement with the town of Bilwi (also known as Puerto Cabezas) on the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua. The links between the two towns were developed out of support for the Sandinista Revolution in the 1980s, and have involved various fundraising and development projects, as well as visits. The Nidia White Women's House has acted as a women's training and networking centre for many years, despite operating on less than a shoestring.

Jane Ward, Nicaragua Links Group (0161 225 0964,

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