The El Salvador Connection

Since 13 January there have been 3 major earthquakes in El Salvador in Central America measuring approximately 7.6 on the Richter Scale. Up until now there have been hundreds of smaller quakes and tremors. El Salvador is now in a "Seismic Crisis" because the tremors have not yet stopped.

The media coverage nationally and locally has been limited to the first 'quakes and since then we've had little reported to us in the UK. This is disappointing.

We are a group of Salvadoran, Welsh and English people whom live in Manchester and are trying to raise awareness through events and meetings about what El Salvador is like now and what the implications of the earthquake are. Around $15 billion is needed to clear and rebuild and restore many areas affected. We are not asking for money but support. So if you would like to know more, to invite us to speak or run a workshop then contact us by letter at: El Salvador Connection, c/o Luther King House, Brighton Grove, Rusholme M13 5JP

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