Networking Newsletter: Issue 33 (February/March 2001)

Welcome to another jam-packed issue of the Networking Newsletter. There's plenty of news on recent actions and current campaigns, and a huge list of forthcoming activities. For breaking news, and updates, that didn't make the printed issue, check out the STOP PRESS section.

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 Not Included in the Online Edition

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  • Ticket To Ride: protests at the opening of Runway 2 at Manchester Airport

  • The Myth of the Global Economy: Article relating to Trade Teach In on Saturday 28 April

  • Mentors Required: Lesbian, gay and bisexual carers/mentors required to help the Albert Kennedy Trust

Clash Avoidance Calendar

The hardcopy of the Networking Newsletter includes a double-page colour pull out "clash avoidance calendar" which gives a colour description of who's doing what, when and where.

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