Fighting Child Poverty

The UK Public Health Association's Poverty and Health Project wishes to hold a series of public events in the North West to launch a variety of practical initiatives and campaigning to effect greater and faster improvement in the health, well-being and life chances of children and young people. These initiatives will bring together communities, young people, parents, professionals, anti-poverty campaigners, public health workers and others.

The Project particularly wishes to address the link between child poverty and inequalities in children's health. The UK has one of the highest rates of low birth weight babies in Europe. This reflects poor maternal health and is a cause of future ill-health in the child. How can we secure improvements in maternal health, nutrition, living conditions and incomes of poorer families?

The Project seeks to work collaboratively with other organisations to start making a significant input on policy makers, decision takers and the public, and hope to launch this work in the North West with an event currently scheduled for 24 May. This is intended to be the start of local consultation and involvement to identify key issues and ways of addressing them, that can provide a focus for continued local work to highlight and address these issues. They are working jointly with the Health for All Network's Hub and Spokespeople Project but need, however, to broaden the scope of involvement to include organisations which are key players on this issue, and local communities. Interested parties should contact Peter Murray, UKPHA Poverty and Health Project (0870 010 1931,

Martin Rathfelder, Socialist Health Association (0161 286 1926/0161 248 1872)

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