Still Dying For A Holiday

On 17 February, two successful demos were held at central Manchester Waterstone's branches to draw attention to the "Lonely Planet" boycott. Tourism Concern and the Burma Campaign have called for a boycott of all Lonely Planet guides until they withdraw their Burma guide. Millions of people in Burma are suffering terrible human rights abuses and much of that suffering, including forced labour, is directly related to tourism development.

Income generated through tourism helps sustain one of the world's most brutal regimes, whereas tourism only benefits a tiny percentage of the population, 80% of whom live in rural areas with their primary means of income being agriculture. Burma's elected leaders have pleaded for all tourists and the tourism industry to avoid Burma while it remains a dictatorship.

Protest postcards, lots of which seem to be making their way into Lonely Planet guides in Manchester bookshops, and further info are available from Tourism Concern or the Burma Campaign.

(Taken from LoomBreaker #17 (0161 226 6814,

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