Don't Horse Around

Few national "sporting" events could be more synonymous with danger and death than the 3 day Grand National meet. Virtually every year, horses break their necks, backs or legs and suffer heart attacks. During the 2000 event, 5 horses perished. But they were not alone, around 300 horses die annually on British race courses, with many of those who do survive being dumped or ending up as pet food.

horse dies at Aintree Last year, Animal Aid launched "Horse Racing Awareness Week" with a hard hitting leaflet and poster. Protests were held outside betting shops up and down the country. The message to the public was clear: there is no such thing as a "harmless flutter"; every time you place a bet you are gambling with animals' lives.

This year's Horse Racign Awareness Week is from Saturday 31 March until Saturday 7 April. On Saturday 7 April, there will be a demonstration at Grand National, Aintree, Liverpool.

For more details on actions at Aintree contact Manchester Animal Protection (0845 456 2492) or Animal Aid (01732 364 546) for general information about horse racing

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