On Your Bike for Green Transport Week

Green Transport Week (10-18 June) is a week of events around Britain designed to highlight real alternatives to the car for every day journeys. GTW aims to: Although the launch is in London, there's lots of local activities including:

Manchester Airport

Air travel might not be the most green way to travel but the airport are trying to help by planning events to encourage green commuting among staff and passengers. Info: Jonathan Challis (489 8741)

Stockport Council

Moving up the environmental ladder, Stockport council is running a "Healthy Transport Month" with a whole range of travel awareness events from 21 May to 3 July. The events are divided into 3 groups; those for Young People and Families, General Public, and Corporate Events.

The Young People and Family group includes bike rides, cycle training, launch of BMX facilities, visits to the Velodrome, and Walk to School activities.

The General Public events include guided walks, Green Travel Roadshow, bike rides, vehicle emissions testing, and bike and car maintenance classes.

The Corporate Events include bike rides, a major Borough wide bike-to-work promotion and the Green Team Travel Challenge, which involves teams of 6 employees from major employers in Stockport, including Council, Health Sector, College, and private firms. Over a two week period in the middle of June, employees will collect points for their team based around their mode of travel (walking and cycling attracting maximum points, down to driving alone, which receives no score). The winning team from across Stockport will win a prize. Info: Julian Ashworth (474 4394)


The local Transport 2000 group is planning a series of green walks over the whole summer, to be launched during ETA Green Transport Week on 10th June. Info: Keith Pennyfather (01625 585 878)


There are green transport initiatives around the same time, particularly:

Walk to School 2000

Parents of young children are encouraged to walk to school with their children as often as possible during the week and beyond. If the journey is too far to walk, then the message is, drive part way and walk the rest - keep the school gate area clear of traffic, and the kids will perform better at school after some exercise and a breath of fresh air. Info: Pedestrians Association (020 7820 1010) or TravelWise (01206 573 353)

The National Trust

Many special offers available to NT property visitors arriving without their cars - call for a full list (ask for Green Transport News: 020 8315 1111)

Car free Sunday (Sunday 11 June)

Christian Ecology Link is suggesting that you give your car a day of rest, and walk or cycle to church! Info: Don Thompson 0151 724 2924

National Liftshare Day (Wednesday 14 June)

liftshare.com - the free online liftsharing service - has called National Liftshare Day to raise awareness of car and lift sharing schemes through out Britain. Info: Ali Clabburn (08700 780 225)

Millennium Festival of Cycling (Sat 17 - Sun 25 June)

Thousands of events are planned for this week, as a nationwide celebration of the fun of cycling, co-ordinated and promoted by the Cyclists Touring Club. It includes Bike to Work Day (Tues 20 June) as well as "Ride the Net" events across the country to celebrate the official opening of the Sustrans National Cycle Network. Info: CTC (01483 417 217)

Sustrans National Cycle Network Launch (Wednesday 21 June)

The 5,000 mile National Cycle Network £43 million Millennium Project launch celebrations will including the 4 Capitals Ride, the Longest Ride on the Longest Day and the World's Largest Cyclethon which will consist of mass public cycle events on and around the network. Info: Mike Collins, Sustrans 0117 927 7555 or 0117 929 0888

Additional info on Green Transport Week is available from the website http://www.eta.co.uk/tr/pj/gtw/2000list.htm

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