Warm Glow for Warm Homes Campaign

Although campaigners from Manchester Friends of the Earth were freezing when they did their campaign stall in Chorlton at the beginning of February (see photo), there's a warm glow now.

Although small in number, but eagerly motivated, the group got nearly one hundred local residents to sign their own postcard to their MP calling on their support for the "Warm Homes and Energy Conservation Bill". This bill, initiated by national Friensd of the Earth with Help the Aged and other interest groups, is seeking to require the Government to begin a 15 year programme to provide comprehensive insulation and energy efficiency measures to 500,000 homes a year.

As a result of such efforts by local FoE groups all over the country, the Bill received an unopposed Second Reading in the House of Commons in March - with more MPs turning out than for any other Private Member's Bill this session with the sole (and not surprising) exception of Forster's anti-hunting bill.

Support is still needed, so please ask your MP to sign up to EDM 317 if they haven't already (see http://edm.ais.co.uk/weblink/html/motion.html/ref=317) to show support for the Bill.

Manchester FoE are also interested in hearing from anybody who'd like to help in their office or with their campaign - please ring them!

Manchester Friends of the Earth (0161 834 8221)

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